BSSSD: Trusted Computing for FreeBSD and OpenBSD

The components of bsssd

Bsssd consists of OpenBSD and FreeBSD device drivers for the supported Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), see Hardware.

In addition, bsssd provides OpenBSD and FreeBSD ports (port) of necessary linux userland components.

Kernel components

Device Driver
The device drivers access the TPM via a device node /dev/tpm. See Architecture of the TCG Software Stack.

Userland daemons and tools

TrouSerS is A sourceforge project that implements an open source TCG Software Stack, see http://trousers.sourceforge.net/.
tpm_tools is a suite of TPM administration tools, see http://trousers.sourceforge.net/.
openssl_tpm_engine implements a OpenSSL plugin (engine) that uses TPM as a secure keystore, see http://trousers.sourceforge.net/.
opencryptoki is a PKCS#11 module that uses TPM as a secure keystore, see http://opencryptoki.sourceforge.net/.
Trusted GRUB
TrustedGRUB is a boot loader for OpenBSD and FreeBSD that can do the necessary checks to support TC, see http://trustedgrub.sourceforge.net/.
TPM testsuite
Testsuite to check the function of TPM, see http://trousers.sourceforge.net/.
This is a software TPM implementation, see http://tpm-emulator.berlios.de/.