BSSSD: Trusted Computing for FreeBSD and OpenBSD


Kernel drivers were developed for the following TPMs:

Vendor TPM Specification
Atmel 97SC3203, Spec 2, Errata 0
Broadcom BCM0102, Spec 2, Errata 1
Infineon IFX SLB 9635 TT 1.2, Spec 2 Errata 0, rev 0x10
Intel INTC0102, Spec 2, Errata 2
Sinosun SNS SSX35, Spec 2 Errata 0
STM ST19WP18, Spec 2 Errata 0
Winbond WEC WPCT200, Spec 2, Errata 1
TPMemulator [1], Spec 2, Errata 1


[1]This is a software emulator that does not need a kernel driver. It is included for testing purposes.


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